VTA Publications Opening Financial Gates for Individuals


People need to make intelligent plans for the future from an early age. The majority of individuals aren’t aware of the ways they should save so as to do things like retire or pay their mortgage loans. People have grown into magical thinking as the way to solve their financial matters thus making it hard for them to think reasonably about how to manage their finances.


Magical thinking is the source of financial loss for many individuals. For instance, a person may think of playing the lottery on a weekly basis so that eventually they’ll win and solve all their financial problems in life. Despite playing the lottery daily, the odds of winning remain the same each time one plays. They don’t think reasonably about their lives and how it will affect the decisions of when and where they can retire.

This way of thinking can be fatal as it implies that people fail to save money for retirement or even segregate enough away to assist them in the event of a long-term illness or any other financial emergencies. Breaking out from the chains of magical thinking is an important thing to do in life. Jim Hunt is a financial expert from VTA Publications who assists individuals with challenges associated with money making, investing, and saving.

With this kind of assistance, people can learn how to shun away from such kind of ideas and find out how to save money and spend it wisely. This knowledge makes them see the world as it is not as the way they would want it to be. It also means thinking about the fact that they’re more likely to be earning less money in future due to their physical inabilities rather than more as they age. Being able to view life from this angle helps individuals to make rational financial decisions rather than unhelpful magical thinking.

VTA Publications is a non-fiction publisher of long distance learning courses, with some examples in the form of free articles. The company has been in existence since 2012. Their mission is to offer their clients with information via free courses or articles which talk about current finance and economic situations. For more insight into Jim Hunt and VTA Publications, check out his interview on Ideamensch.

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