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There are some pitfalls in life for which you just cannot be made ready. My parents had a credo, they would only pay cash for anything. For a young kid, this meant that everything seemed older and used because they only bought what they could afford. Later in life, I followed the way they did things in my own life because then it made perfect sense. However, credit sometimes is a necessity, and maintaining good credit is essential in obtaining a high credit rating. This higher credit rating allows those that possess it to obtain things at the very lowest price and under the best terms.


However, my great rating made me vulnerable in the naiveté of my youth and to salespeople’s creativity. Additionally, there are consumer protections in place for most areas of business, but this is not true for the automobile industry. This industry is under-policed and predatory in their practices in many cases both on the showroom floor and in financing. I am savvier than most, but if a salesman assures me that due to my credit rating and their analysis that I can afford something, I had a tendency to believe that they would not be able to lie to me.


Because I signed for the unfair and hidden, burdensome terms, I retain full responsibility, but in reality, I know that I had been sold something that I could not afford after only a few months of attempting to pay the bill. I embarrassingly turned to parents, but I did not want to burden them. In an effort to help myself, I contacted the dealership who informed me that I had no recourse in returning the vehicle for a cheaper model and that maybe the financing company could help me. However, this also was not true.


I had to do something because this situation was beginning to effect me greatly, so I continued my search for relief online. My credit had not been ruined at this point, and I did not intend to allow it to be damaged. However, I found many companies that claimed to refinance car loans, but these had all the signs of getting me into a further mess except one. This company was called Ignition Financial at , and they are the real deal. They refinanced my car loan quickly to slash my payments greatly. I feels as though they protected my future.

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