Securus Technologies is a leading Provider of Civil and Criminal Justice Technology

Securus Technologies is a tech company that offers software related to civil technology and criminal justice. The enterprise helps to mobilize several facets of criminal justice and incarceration. It is fueled by its desires to help affected families connect with incarcerated loved once. It uses some of the latest and superior communication technologies. The company was established over three decades ago. Its main headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. The company has expanded further, and it has its, presence in Atlanta, Carrollton, and Allen. The current CEO of Securus Technologies is Richard Smith. He is known as a resilient and visionary leader.


Under the leadership of Smith, the company creates a new product, at least once a week. The new products may be used by the correctional institutes to improve their facilities. The country is currently serving over 3400 agencies that are involved with correction, law enforcement, and public safety. It has employed over 1000 people and made an investment of over 600 million dollars specifically in technology, patent, and acquisition. It recently introduced a system to control contraband cell phones, and more than five correction departments are already using the service. On July 2016, the company partnered with Harris Corporation to improve on this system.


To access the impact of the company to the customers, Securus Technologies conducted a research study to get reviews from the company. On October 21, 2016 it published part of the feedback it received from its customers on PR Newswire. Most of the comments from the law enforcers and prison officials were positive and showed the tremendous contribution of the company. The comments were corrected through email, letters, and phone interviews. The positive feedback showed the dedication of the organization to make our environment a safe place to live. It has over 30 years in the business and it is the top innovator.