Securus Technologies Highlights Its Customer Comments

Securus Technologies is the leading provider of criminal justice and investigative tools in the law enforcement industry. The company has contracts with police departments and correctional facilities all around North America. According to Richard A. Smith, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Securus Technologies, his company provides a new service or product to the law enforcement industry on an average of one a week.

Recently, Securus Technologies released transcripts of some of the thousands of correspondence that his company has received over the last few years. These letters and emails were received from prison, jail, and police officials throughout the United States and Canada. The people that wrote the letter are those that are responsible for preventing and solving crimes as well as those who seek to make jail and prison environments safer and better for both inmates and the staff that works in the facility.

Many of the correspondence letters and emails addressed Securus Technologies LBS software. This software has, along with its partner Investigator Pro, has led to the recovery of millions of dollars in recovered assets including cash, drugs, and illegal assets. The LBS software has been credited with making prosecutions not only easier but possible as some investigations could not have been completed without this technology.

A prison official wrote in to talk about the monitoring software that Securus Technologies provides made it possible to listen in on an inmate talking to his sibling and mother. The inmate told his sibling exactly what to say about a recent shooting that the inmate was a suspect in. The result of this conversation was further evidence that was instrumental in convicting the inmate of the shooting and resolving the case.