Roberto Santiago Owns The Center of Leisure In Joao Pessoa

Roberto Santiago is one of the most popular figures in the state of Paraiba. This is not without reason. It is all due to his prowess in business. He is well known all around as he has developed a modern, and well-designed shopping mall in the Paraiba. It is called Manaira Shopping. This is why Roberto Santiago has become a reference figure in various fields of investment.

Manaira Shopping Mall was incepted in 1989. Since then this establishment has gone through five expansions. All this indicates that the shopping complex is doing well and hence he is looking at expanding its business potential. This means that Roberto Santiago has done a good investment and hence reaping well-earned profits.

This is one of the leading shopping areas in Joao Pessoa. It provides an excellent shopping experience. Here, shoppers and visitors have an opportunity to partake in a number of fun activities in addition to simply doing shopping. This is the secret behind the success of this shopping mall made by Roberto Santiago.

This place is about having fun and being entertained. The Manaira Shopping Mall is offering a variety of activities that are aimed at everyone. Hence no matter what your age or taste is, you will find something to entertain you at this mall. This shopping mall by Roberto Santiago offers 11 cinema rooms. These are equipped with state-of -the art equipment. They offer 3D as well as VIP rooms. Hence cinema enthusiasts like to enjoy this facility. Besides, they are also pleased with a stadium system concept that allows for a more entertaining experience. This is not all. Customers can enjoy snacks and drinks that are readily available at the nearby bar.

Manaira Shopping Mall garners a lot of popularity due to its pioneering ideas in other areas too. It has an electronic amusement park. This has been dubbed as the Game Station. It is spread over 1800 square meters of space. There are more than 200 machines here for playing games. There is a contemporary bowling alley that is fully electronic.

Domus Hall can spice up this entertainment experience. This is a concert hall that is located at the roof top of this shopping mall made by Roberto Santiago. It is one of the largest halls of its kind in this capital city of the state of Paraiba. It hosts an excellent air-conditioning system along with the latest sound equipment as well as acoustic insulation. This Domus Hall was inaugurated nearly seven years back with an objective of attracting national and international artists to perform here. Since then it has hosted a number of singers and composers that include Ana Carolina besides Jorge Mario da Silva.

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