New York lawyers have new way to serve the people

Finding a good lawyer can be hassle, especially if you live in New York. However, there is a online system that can find you a lawyer to handle any kind of matter, , whether it be a criminal matter, child custody matter, writing your will, and help with a landlord-tenant matter. New Yorkers now have access to be connected to a lawyer that is in their community or nearby area. The New York State Bar Association’s trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service has created an online service portal for those seeking a lawyer.


The New York State Bar Association is offering this service 24 hours a day and is completely confidential. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service created a stress-free way to find legal assistance. Those seeking legal help will be connected with lawyers who are in good legal standing and have been approved by the New York State Bar Association. The New York State Bar Association launched this new service with assistance from, which has become known for providing referral management tools for the legal industry.


This new service gives lawyers the ability to deliver a wide range of services to a much larger number of people, while also offering it at a lower cost, creating the go-to online destination for New York residents and businesses who need to know New York laws. Individuals who are seeking a lawyer fill out a confidential form, detailing their issue and location. The New York State Bar will then review the information and match the person with a lawyer who has an office in the same community.


One such lawyer that uses this service is Jeremy Goldstein. He has become one of the top lawyers in the state and has helped many clients through this service. Jeremy Goldstein is partner at Jeremy Goldstein & Associates. Goldstein has overseen many corporate transactions including the United Technologies purchase of Goodrich.


Jeremy Goldstein is a leading expert on a variety of legal issues including corporate governance and executive compensation. He’s also been featured in several financial magazines including Bloomberg and Financial Times. He currently resides in New York.


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