Mike Baur Revolutionizes Swiss Startups

In recent years, European countries have been struggling to rebuild their economies. Rebuilding an entire country’s economy is not an easy task. Many countries have turned to trying to rebuild major companies that once held up the economy. Switzerland is taking a different approach. Although many Swiss businessmen would love to rebuild their existing companies, people like Mike Baur believe that the best option is to invest in up-and-coming startups. Together with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, he co-founded Swiss Start-Up Factory.

Swiss Start-Up Factory was created to offer young technology-focused entrepreneurs a better chance of succeeding. While the company does assist technology-adjacent entrepreneurs, its primary candidates are solely focused on technology. Mike and the other founders see the importance of technology. As time goes on, technology becomes more and more a part of the world’s progression. Swiss Start-Up Factory was one of the first Swiss companies to offer a full-service program to aid young entrepreneurs to pursue their inhibitions. Mike has been overseeing the Accelerator Program since it was created. Along with other members of a managing team, Mike Baur works firsthand with mentoring entrepreneurs.

Mike has been interested in banking and finance since he was young. His love for that aspect of the business world started when he was in high school. Immediately after graduating, he began attending the University of Rochester, New York. He graduated with an MBA and an unquenched thirst for financial knowledge. He then attended the University of Bern, where he earned an Executive MBA. Rather than become a traveling businessman, Baur wanted to help his community. He began working for companies in the Zurich region. Even though he no longer works for other companies, he continues helping the small business owners trying to make in Zurich.

Zurich is one of Switzerland’s most economically thriving cities. It’s the perfect city to launch a startup that could put Swiss businesses in the global market. It’s not enough to thrive within a local area. Large companies need global business that smaller companies can supply. With over 20 years of private banking experience, Mike is one of Switzerland’s most valuable assets. He understands financing on a global level. It wasn’t until 2014 that Mike began concentrating on Swiss Start-Up Factory. Nowadays, he invests all his time into supporting startups, both financially and as a mentor.

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