Mike Baur At The Helm Of The Leadership At The Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is the brainchild of many enterprises, and one of them includes the Swiss Startup Factory. The entrepreneur has always exuded confidence and optimism on the Swiss Startup whenever he’s asked to comment about demonstrating that he is proud of his idea and he’s working on making it more successful. In an interview with one of the media houses, Baur quipped that the Swiss Startup Factory is different from other incubators because it’s driven by specific goals and objectives.


The business world is increasingly becoming competitive for new players. Technology is also giving small enterprises the edge which only big multinationals had in the past. Today, the success of a company is anchored on its ability to innovate and come up with disruptive business models. That is what the Swiss Startup Factory is all about. The firm develops talent and companies that leverage the best practices in the market to give them an edge in a competitive business world. According to Mike Baur, the objectives and roles of each person at the Swiss Factory are defined.


Mike Baur has a longstanding career in entrepreneurship that speaks for itself. Besides starting the Swiss Startup factory, Mike has recorded a lot of success in the corporate world as an investor. When Mike began his career, he delivered solutions to the banking industry. His main responsibility at that time was facilitating credit facilities for other entrepreneurs to start and grow their firms.


During his time as a banker, Mike Baur helped some businesses get their right footing in business through the acquisition of funds. His primary roles included regular meeting with entrepreneurs who needed credit facilities. As a result of his work, Mike Baur got a deeper understanding of what enterprises go through before they break even. The business leader understood the initial challenges that startups face. Mike’s experience while working with leaders of startups made him realize that he needed to come up with incubation programs that could help budding entrepreneurs circumvent startup bottlenecks. After a dedicated period of two decades working in the financial services sector, Mike Baur retired from his career and began his newfound business activity of mentoring entrepreneurs.


For over a decade, Mike Baur has been venture capitalists in Switzerland. Investing in startups has enabled Mike to develop an in-depth understanding of what businesses need to do to remain vibrant. His company, The Swiss Startup Factory abstracts various business processes enabling startups to focus on their primary responsibility which is providing goods or services.