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Securus Technologies is all about the public’s safety. They are interested in making the world a safer place for all people, and they do so on a regular basis. Since they are known for their new technologies all across the nation and the world, they are always in high demand, and they are respected in the field. They are the leader in the public safety industry, and they continue to keep their lead.


Their latest accomplishment is that of creating the Wireless Containment Solution. This is being used by correction facilities all across the country. They are using it to combat crime that is being committed when inmates are using devices and cell phones to connect to the wireless networks. They then try to find other people on the outside to help them commit crimes. With the Wireless Containment Solution, this can be stopped at an alarming rate. The technology is able to find the people that are doing this, and to gather the devices they are using. Securus Technologies is proud to have been able to create this technology, because many other companies could not do so.


The company is inviting the public to their business in Dallas, TX to see what else they are working on for the public safety of all.


Securus Technologies is a fantastic company that will continue to succeed in its mission, which is making the world a safer place. They create new technologies and techniques on a weekly basis, and the government deals with them all the time. The company is in direct contact with over a million prisoners in order to keep the facilities safe. Since they have the abilities, they will continue to be the leader in the public safety field long into the future. They are proud of their accomplishments, and want to make a difference in the world, which they are doing a regular basis and in a fantastic way.



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