In Depth to the Paranormal


Norman Pattiz, the Chief Executive Officer and founder of PodcastOne, announced that a new show known as “Beyond the Darkness” will be aired starting from the following week. PodcastOne is the United States biggest advertiser supported podcast network. The show will be under World Wide Entertainment celebrity Chris Jericho’s podcast network. The show will be within the PodcastOne umbrella and will include entertaining and enlightening conversations with the best experiencers and researchers. They will be aimed at giving an in-depth discussion on everything you thought you knew about ghouls, angels, aliens, monster encounters, ghosts, mysteries and miracles.


The show will be hosted by radio host and author Dave Schrader and radio producer Tim Dennis. New episodes will be released at a stated time on Monday on their website, iTunes and PodcastOne application.


Norman Pattiz acknowledged Chris for being a distinguished individual and a jewel of PodcastOne network for all the selfless actions he has taken for the network. Initially, he started with The Jericho Network collection involving wrestlers at different levels but it was evident that he was going to achieve more. He has brought about comedians and is now venturing into the paranormal stories with this new show “Beyond the Darkness.”


Chris Jericho said that he was stoked and somehow creeped out to announce to the whole public that a new show known as “Beyond the Darkness” will be added to his podcast “The Jericho Network”. Tim Dennis and Schrader are the best broadcasters in the whole world regarding the paranormal and will bring with them a huge fan base to the show. The fans believe and trust the two due to their experience and Chris is expecting huge traffic.


PodcastOne is the country’s biggest advertiser supported podcast network. Norman Pattiz, the founder and manager of radio giant Westwood One is also the founder of the network. The network is the biggest in the United States and acts as the host of over two hundred most followed podcasts. These hosts include Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Austin, Terry Dubrow, Dan Patrick, Adam Carolla, Barstool Sports, Dr Drew, Gabrielle Reece, Penn Jillette, Neil Strauss, Ross Mathews, Rich Eisen, Penn Jillette, Eddie Trunk, Malcolm McDowell, Chris Webber, Chris Jericho, Jay Mohr and Laura Ingraham.

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  1. Chris anticipates that the fan base will keep expanding since the demonstration of frightening is addictive. This is a podcast system’s fantasy and a bad dream in mask. It certainly means that the essaywriter has not done to most important thing for them too.

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