How Jeffry Schneider Began from a Humble Background to Become a Famous Financial Investor.

Ascendant Capital is identified by many as an investing firm that puts emphasize in alternative investments space. It is able to identify private equity, hedge and real estate funds which in most cases are not available to investors. After accomplishing and identifying these elements, the team works on developing value-added offerings which in most instances are supported by extensive sales, marketing, educational and operational services.

Jeffry Schneider was born and brought up by his parents in Manhattan. He attended the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where he graduated with a degree in B.S. After graduating, Schneider decided to venture into financial services industry where he worked in various prestigious organizations such as Alex Brown, Merrill Lynch, and Smith Barney. In these organizations is where he gained his work experience to become later good as he is today. While working in these firms, Jeffrey Schneider started to develop his extensive knowledge for alternative investments that was seen to serve him through his career.

In 2002, Jeffry decided to join Axiom Capital Management to work hand in hand with the team. While he was working in this organization, he assisted in establishing healthy relationships with the hedge fund managers. He was able to perform due diligence on these managers to ascertain they were a proper fit for the client base of the organization. He also worked with other alternative investment managers to help in advising them how to offer the best structure in investment vehicles.

In 2009, he decided to begin his company that he later called Ascendant Capital. During the first years of Ascendant, he majorly worked with Virtus Real Estate. His efforts helped in raising more than six different funds which assisted in purchasing Real Estates worth more than one billion dollars. Under the leadership of Jeffry, Ascendant Capital has succeeded gradually growing to have more than thirty employees. Ascendant is known for working on behalf of various managers raising a lot of money. All employees together with their boss Jeffry are dedicated to continuing their upward trajectory where they aim of raising around fifty million every month.

Jeffry is known for being a dedicated leader who works to bring the best out of his company and his employees. He always demands excellence in what he and his team offer to their investors. As a leader, every individual is expected to attribute their success to something.

Apart from engaging in business, Schneider is committed to having a healthy lifestyle. He has dedicated, most of his free time to training and competing in various half Ironman Challenges. He also likes traveling and touring different area of the world as his hobby. He has traveled the world extensively in the company of his family and friends. According to him, every individual would have a part-time activity they do apart from working all through.

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