George Soros; Championing For Equality in the Political Landscape

About George

George is an American billionaire, whose roots trace back to Hungary. With a fortune approximately $25.2 billion, George is one the wealthiest individuals on the planet. Most of his wealth has been accrued from the finance and investment sectors. George attended the renowned London School of Economics, where he received an undergraduate degree.

Soros delved into the brokerage business immediately after graduating, landing a job at London firm. Four years into the job, he moved to New York’s Wall Street as a stock broker. Since then, his career has been massively prosperous, with the asset base growing exponentially. Learn more about his profile at


For a long time, Soros has been vocal on the issue of refugees. He has regularly donated significant amounts towards displaced persons, particularly those who have fled Europe. His benevolence towards immigrants is as result of his experiences as a young man. His country, Hungary, was attacked by Nazi troops, which forced them to immigrate to England. Having gone through the plight of refugees, Soros feels that he is obliged to help those undergoing the situation.

In addition to refugees, Soros also contributes to other humanitarian causes. Over the years, he has started many Open Society Foundations that seek to promote philanthropic endeavors. The groups have funded various causes, most of them being political activist movements as well as human rights champions. Some of the beneficiaries include Equal Justice USA, Four Freedoms Fund, and National Lawyers Guild and so much more.

Political Influence

George Soros is an influential figure in the global political arena. He has great influence over the politics of many regions, the USA included. He, however, uses this power for the good of people. In the past, he contributed to ousting of regimes that have clung on to power for longer than the constitution allows.

His vast fortune is a major contributor to the political power he wields. In addition to his enormous wealth, George’s influence is also increased by his impetus to transform the world into a better place. He has revealed that his conscience tells him that he was born to change the world. Therefore, he goes out of his way to achieve this.

George has donated assets towards many political movements. In 2011, he gave one million dollars to an Obama re-election activist committee. He was at the vanguard of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016.

On numerous platforms, George has proclaimed that he is a heaven-sent being. In one case, he alluded to the Bible’s Old Testament, saying that his benevolence made him feel like God of the Israelites, who was invisible and caring. Also, Soros revealed to his biographer that he satisfies his conscience through engaging in humanitarian activities. His companions have also disclosed that George assumes that a superior being blessed him with vast fortunes so that he could share it with the destitute.