Ferguson Protests Highlight The Civil Action George Soros Hopes To Encourage

The position of the U.S. government at national, state, and local levels towards minority groups he believes is not fairly represented in the nation in the 21st century. Politico reports the return of George Soros to political and charitable giving has come at a time when the 86 year old founder of the Soros Fund Management company has become an active investor for the first time in a number of years; Politico reports George Soros provided $25 million in funding for the campaign of Hillary Clinton to become the first female President of the U.S. in 2016, but the Holocaust survivor also continued his wish to become a major part of the human rights activism movement he feels needs to be explored in a U.S. he feels is moving to block the voting rights of many of its minority groups in the 21st century.

Born in Hungary in 1930, the Soros family was forced to hide their Jewish heritage and change their name from Schwartz to Soros to avoid detection by right wing extremists, including the Nazi German forces that invaded and occupied Hungary in 1943. Soros also lived under the oppressive Stalinist regime following the end of World War II and saw his wish to bring democracy to all take root after he arrived in the U.K. as a refugee from Communist Eastern Europe. The cause of protecting the rights of minority voters was highlighted by Politico when it was revealed Soros had made major donations prior to the election to a number of groups seeking to build the number of minority groups voting in the 2016 election; in the past Soros has also been a keen financial backer of the protection of voting rights for Hispanic and African American voters who Soros and his advisors agree are being targeted by Republican lawmakers who wish to limit the number of minority groups voting at all times.

Many believe the Ferguson protests of 2014 were something of a turning point for George Soros in his political activism as he saw firsthand the positive impact his donations through the Open Society Foundations had on the protests following the shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer. The Washington Times reports George Soros provided around $33 million in funding for groups involved in the Ferguson protests across a single year. The work of George Soros in backing many activist groups was not limited to a knee jerk reaction to the shooting of Michael Brown, but was instead located in a long term period of funding that has seen his Open Society Foundations become major partners with activism groups. These groups have played key roles in the social media campaign that built the numbers of protesters arriving in Ferguson at the height of the protests. Learn more about his profile at washingtontimes.com.