Eric Lefkofsky and Challenging Cancer

Some battles in life are tougher than others. Cancer is one of the most difficult battles people have to fight more often than others realise. However, some people put their heart and soul into tireless work. Their ultimate goal is to find a cure for the various forms of the disease that strikes out of nowhere.

The Co-founder of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky sees this goal as his personal and his company’s motto. Technology and research in precision medicine have made a lot of progress thanks to companies like Tempus.


Reorganizing and Organizing the Data

Eric Lefkofsky didn’t have a personal connection to the disease until his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. It made him take another look and get up close and personal with this intruder. He learned about the problems and disconnect between gathering the data about patients and their treatments.

He knew that something had to be done to catch the health industry up to speed. The amounts of information available were not used the way that would help others and Eric wanted to change that.

Tempus is a company set out to change cancer care. Using modern technology they were able to create an exclusive platform that could work with the data provided by medical centres in the country. The dedicated staff were able to find ways technology can sort through different molecular data and compartmentalise it for treatment and learn more about Eric.

One of the most painstaking tasks was to compile the data which used to be written on physical note cards. Teaching a machine to analyse free form text is never easy, so it took some brainstorming, but eventually, it became possible using optical character recognition option and more information click here.


Inspiration to Help Others

Eric Lefkofsky comes from Michigan where he went to primary and secondary school. The University of Michigan was his University of choice later, and he graduated with high honours.

He then attended Faculty of law at the same University receiving his Juris Doctor degree. Career took him down a different path so rather than become an attorney; Eric Lefkofsky started by selling carpet and later started his own business and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

He finds inspiration in helping others, and his staff at Tempus join him in this venture. The advancement of technology doesn’t stop at small victories. But small victories will eventually beat cancer.

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