EOS Lip Balms Are The Next Best Thing

EOS Lip Balm is a professional lip balm company that has changed the way women look at maintaining their lips and staying glowing in all forms of weather. EOS Lip Balm is widely respected because of their work throughout how they built the company from scratch. The company started their work back in 2006 when they were just beginning to try to come and up with some way to further improve what they have to offer. The two creators worked with another experienced product creator to find a market for women, which brought them to lip balms and chapstick. They decided that they needed to reach the higher class in this field.

With the help of product designers, they worked together to come up with the overall sphere packaging in design to give the chapstick its unique design. Their design is very well respected and provides users with something other than just the long piece of chapstick. EOS Lip Balm then created multiple versions and wanted to get it into stores. They got into Walgreens, then Walmart and Target, and the next thing you know they were placed everywhere. It became a huge trend because of how they worked towards improving their overall business.

EOS Lip Balm is so well respected for numerous reasons. They did very minimal traditional marketing and focused solely on advertising through the different markets like social media. For example, they did plenty of work with beauty bloggers to help get the name out. They provided them with the products and got a huge influx of sales almost immediately because of the fact that they had young women in their twenties talking about EOS and giving their opinions of it. It boosted sales so high and helped the company become a huge success; even reaching tabloids and other traditional ads because of celebrities.