Controlling Drugs from Getting in Prison with Securus Technologies

One of the jobs all corrections officers are constantly working on in the jail is controlling the flow of illegal drugs. An inmate who has drugs has power, and they can use that power to control other inmates or to overpower the guards. In order to keep every person in that jail safe, we have to make a huge effort to keep the drugs from coming into the hands of the inmates.


Each morning, my team and I get to the visitor center to do a search on every single person coming through those doors. Even the smallest amount of drugs could be dangerous, so we have to be very vigilant in our efforts. To make the process even more complex, we have certain visitors who will make any effort necessary to get drugs to their family or friends in jail, even risking their own freedom in the process. A visitor like that has zero regard for the corrections officers, so we can not let our guard down for even a second.


Last year we had Securus Technologies install a brand new inmate call system that opened the doors to us discovering more in the way of drugs with less staff on the front lines. When the team was schooled to use the LBS software, we now had the ability to monitor numerous inmate conversations and get alerted when discussions of drugs were the topic of conversation.


Each day we are now hearing conversations between inmates about how they are getting the drugs into the jails, where they are hiding the drugs, and who is ordering them to sell drugs in jail. On one occasion, we discovered a corrupt staff member who was selling their prescription drugs to inmates and pocketing a small fortune each month. The Securus Technologies inmate phone system has helped make our prison one of the safest.