Brown Modeling Agency

Brown Agency is a modeling and talent agency located in Austin, Texas that was created by taking two of the largest talent agencies and combining them. The agency has a wide range of what it deals with making it a full service agency. Some of the services include fashion with men, women and children, commercial modeling for men, women and children and theatrical training for men and women. The Brown Agency prides them in the work they do. They choose the best and work with them to succeed. Models from the agency have worked with thousands of big names including Toyota, L’oreal, Dell and more.

The Brown Agency is unlike anything that had ever been in Texas. The agency came to Austin, Texas in 2010 with big goals of establishing market standards and quickly grew to be an industry leader. “The combination of the two companies and launch of the new company provides clients with a broader portfolio of experienced talent and the talent greater opportunities across country” (The Brown para 2). Brown agency is a combination of such expertise that only the most professional and elegant talent is delivered from their clients. Being a full service agency makes them different, especially having the theatrical department. Instead of just a modeling agency, Brown Agency is also for actors/actresses.

Brown Agency is always looking for ‘fresh’ faces so every Thursday the agency has an open call from 3 to 4 pm. All that is needed is a few pictures that don’t have to be professional and a resume if you have one. If unable to make the designated open call then there is an option to submit your information online. Other information can be found on their social media pages along with seeing the work that is being done. The Brown Agency has an Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The Instagram account is simply brown agency and there are hundreds of photos of their models both men and women of all ages. The Facebook page is Brown Agency. It also contains many photos but there are videos as well and more descriptions about the posts on their page. The Twitter account is @BrownAgencyATX. The Twitter account is just about the same as the other pages but there are other posts that are a bit more personal from the company itself and its workers.

The Brown Agency is an agency that does not just work with those wishing to pursue a modeling career but also works with individuals that wish to pursue an acting career. The agency works with children, teenagers and adults both men and women. The Brown Agency is a talent agency unlike any other that Austin, Texas has ever seen, it is new age.


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