Bridget Scarr Stress-free Television. Producer Shares Her Secret

Bridget Scarr is the executive producer at Colibri Studios that was created 18 months ago. Ms. Scarr was educated at Rhodes University where she studied drama, English, psychology, journalism, politics, and music. Bridget Scarr graduated in 2004 with a BA, Cum Laude. She had 15 years of professional experience as director, animation, and producer in several companies before decided to branch out on her own and decided to have her own production company.


In order to be energized, creative, and in a positive mind, Bridget Scarr starts of her day with a session of meditation. She joins her family for a light breakfast before heading off to work. The morning is spent going over schedules, writing, and researching ideas. After three hours of work, Ms. Scarr goes home to have a big lunch with her family. In the afternoon, Bridget Scarr answers emails and has business meetings. The afternoon is very flexible. Scarr says that using her creative energy and being able to laugh and play with her son keeps her stress-free and vital. Ms. Scarr has worked in television and advertising. In television, Scarr has produced, dramas, children’s animation, entertainment, lifestyle, and factual programs.



Bridget Scarr is working on a historical project. She wants to connect history in a visceral way by telling history through the point of view of the ordinary person who lived the particular point in time that Scarr is telling about. Scarr is thrilled about Augmented and Virtual realities. If these reality production are properly done, it can stir emotions in the viewing audience. The viewers will be able to historically relate to these people.


Colibri Productions specializes in exhibition projects, VR, AR, digital content, and traditional scripted and taped television programs. The stories are about real-life people from diversely different backgrounds. They come from different kinds of communities and cultures.


If Bridget Scarr could advise her younger self, she would tell her to be free, breathe easily, be light, love unconditionally, and meditate every day. She says it has change her life for the better. Scarr believes in magic and that it is around us all the time. Ms. Scarr recommends that people read Destressifying, Lasting Fulfillment, and Peace of Mind by Davidji to help learn how to cope with stressful situations.


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