Arthur Becker, Craftsman of Talent

Arthur Becker serves Madison Partners, LLC as the Managing Member. Madison Partners is an investment firm with a specialization in real estate and early stage Bio Tech ventures. In the past, Becker held the position of Chairman & CEO of the digital newsstand Zinio, LLC. Going back further, Becker served as CEO of NaviSite, which offered internet services, hosting and colocation. Arthur was also a senior advisor for seven years to the Vera Wang fashion company. You can visit Inspirery to know more.

After selling NaviSite in 2011, Becker began to invest in condominium development in New York and Florida. At the same time, he began learning more about bio tech companies and bio technology in general. These two today gave him the idea behind Madison Partners. His average day is not nearly as rigid as it used to be, since he no longer needs to run a fully functioning business with meetings and conference calls every day. Becker believes strongly in working with people that he respects, as he finds he is most effective when on a team with talented people. In regards to bio tech, Becker sees a lot of promise in the cancer treatment it can offer, despite having no medical training.

According to The Real Deal, one of his keys to success is a balance between passion and reason, being able to practically apply his drive to every day work. Becker believes letting your passion become so strong that it clouds your ability to think critically is utterly detrimental to business. Becker is an experienced businessman, and that means he has failed a number of times. But he believes that these failures are what allow him to succeed in the here and now. Becker did not complete his graduate business studies, but believes that this would have benefited him greatly had he stuck to it. Above all, Becker seeks talent. A successful businessman sees talent and utilizes it in the most efficient way possible. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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