After Clinton’s Disastrous Defeat George Soros And Other Liberal Supporters Are Developing Ways To Resist Trump’s New World Order

The big money people that threw more dollars into the political ring to support Hillary Clinton than ever before are not going down quietly. George Soros, the Hungarian-born billionaire and humanitarian, and other top liberal leaders met in Washington recently to develop a strategy that may throw a monkey wrench in Trump’s new world order. Trump is not shy when it comes to stating his views about Muslims and immigrants. He wants to “vote them off the island,” so to speak. In other words, Muslima and immigrants are not welcome in the United States anymore. The land of the free and the “home of the brave” may become “the land of bigots” and the” home of the scared,” if Trump has his way.

George Soros, the eccentric billionaire, and humanitarian didn’t pull any punches when he told the news media that America, under a Trump’s leadership, would be hard to take. Trump represents a narrow-minded group of angry, and frustrated citizens that want the political system to change. Trump introduced himself as the savior that could change the system. But Mr. Soros thinks Trump’s cabinet appointees show he is conducting business as usual. Most of his cabinet choices belong to the establishment that Trump railed against over the last 15 months.

A Trump White House will certainly look different, but George Soros thinks the Democratic party can make a difference over the next four years. He didn’t spend $25 million to lose. Soros doesn’t lose. When all the smoke from the election clears, Soros and his group will come out of the election stronger than they were before the votes were cast. Soros has already promised $10 million to stop the hate crimes that are happening across the country.

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When the migration crisis hit a boiling point in 2016, Soros decided to invest $500 million in businesses that are started by migrants. George Soros has offered a plan to the European Union that could help member nations deal with the migration crisis. Soros is always at the forefront of economic and political issues that can impact freedom and open borders. Just like Hillary Clinton, Soros thinks the world should have open borders. That’s a concept that won’t get off the ground while Trump is president. But the Democratic Alliance Donor Club plans to reorganize the Democratic Party over the next three years. And while they are doing that, the group will closely monitor Trump’s decisions and policies.

George Soros may be worth more than $32 billion, but he is still a refugee in his mind. He knows what it feels like to be alone and broke. He knows that he survived his ordeal in Hungary because he had support from his family and friends. George still uses that concept in his personal and business life. He is a people person and a friend. He wants the world to be connected and free.

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  1. He is not afraid to spend his fortune on causes he believes in. Through his Open Society Foundation, George donates more than $500 million a year to organizations that promote equal rights and freedom. I would also like to get paid to write reviews just like what most people do not know about which is very serious.

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